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Atlantic Canada

By Canadian standards, the four provinces that make up Atlantic Canada are small. They include tiny Prince Edward Island; mid-sized Nova Scotia and New Brunswick; and the relatively large Newfoundland and Labrador. These provinces share a common bond in that they are almost completely bounded by the shores of the Atlantic Ocean. Not surprisingly this has dictated the history and economy of the area from its first settlement. Fishing, ship-building and trade together formed the historic backbone of Atlantic Canada and although all have declined over the years, they still play a major role today.

Some History

From a visitor’s perspective Atlantic Canada is home to some of the most important historical events and sites that shaped North America. Whether your interest is learning about some of the earliest sites of human habitation on the continent, visiting the only documented Viking settlement in the Western Hemisphere, or walking the same beach that John Cabot did in 1497 – it’s all here in Atlantic Canada. If your interest has a military bent you can visit the best examples of both British and French defensive structures in North America, the Halifax Citadel and the Fortress of Louisbourg. Relive tragic moments of our history at Grand Pre, from which the Acadians were deported from Canada, inspiring Longfellow’s Evangeline and creating a new Cajun culture in far away Louisiana. Walk in silence among the graves of Titanic victims or learn how the Battle of the Atlantic was planned and fought in these waters. There is an unparalleled amount of history that has unfolded in Atlantic Canada and it’s all here for those who seek to experience it first-hand.

Landscapes, Parks and Reserves

Atlantic Canada also is a land of incredible natural beauty and diversity. Despite its relatively small size compared to the rest of Canada, the region has six of Canada’s seventeen UNESCO World Heritage Sites and three World Biosphere Reserves. The Bay of Fundy was chosen to represent Canada in the global Seven Natural Wonders of the World contest, and no wonder. Where else can you appreciate the world’s highest tides by walking on the ocean floor one moment and then kayaking on the same spot in twenty feet of water a few hours later? If world class hiking is your thing, you won’t do any better than Gros Morne or Cape Breton Highlands National Parks. Want to stay in the car or on the motorcycle and just enjoy a really exhilarating drive? People come from all over the world to drive the legendary Cabot Trail and more are discovering the recently completed Fundy Trail Parkway. Looking for a place to relax on the beach and build sand castles? The shores of Prince Edward Island have the warmest ocean water in Canada.

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