A masterpiece of the baroque era

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In German, the room between inner and outer defense wall of a city is called “Zwinger”.

The Zwinger in Dresden started this way too – until August the Strong decided that this would be the right place for an orangery that could protect the plants that couldn’t survive the cold Dresden winter. The Military had their doubts: “That’s not what you use a Zwinger for!” But it came even worse for the officers: the Dresden Zwinger was turned into yet another place for the court’s amusements from 1711 on.

It was planned as a gigantic building that was to stretch up to the river Elbe. It wasn’t realized that big, but with its four rectangle and 2 round pavilions the Zwinger is a masterpiece of the baroque era. Someone called the Zwinger “A caprice of carnival of architecture”! There is so much art in the Zwinger, so much to see inside and outside that a walk through the garden can only be a start…

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Dresden Saxony 01067
49 351 49142000

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