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Berlin’s oldest pub

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Berlin’s oldest pub and restaurant (1621) is central yet well off the tourist trail. It’s managed a brisk business through the years thanks to a nearby courthouse. Hence legal-themed names, such as Zeugen-Aussage (“Eyewitness account”), are given to its reasonably priced traditional German dishes.

The local specialty is Eisbein, a pork knuckle that needs some dissection to enjoy and the simple Boulette – a mince and herb burger. The decor is classic old-Berlin too, with lots of rustic touches and even an old tiled oven. Though many patrons are city visitors, they don’t detract from the authenticity of the place – which has hosted several heads of state over the years including Mikhail Gorbachev and Jacques Chirac.

At A Glance

Waisenstr. 14–16

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