Zuo Lin You She

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One of Beijing’s best-kept secrets, Zuo Lin You She (pronounced “Zwore Lin Yo Shuh”), is a small, innocuous-looking restaurant, which doesn’t stand on ceremony, but which does dish up some of the tastiest Beijing cuisine in the city.

Many local dishes can be found here, but the speciality is dalian huoshao, golden-fried finger-shaped dumplings stuffed with all manner of savoury fillings.

I prefer the pork ones, but there are lamb, beef and veggie choices too. They are served by the liang, with one liang equal to three dumplings, and you must order at least two liang of each filling to make it worth their while cooking a batch.

Other specialities include the pickled fish (su ji yu) – which is pickled for so long even the bones are soft enough to eat – the spicy tofu paste (ma doufu) and the deep-fried pork balls (gan zha wanzi).

A bonus for people on a budget, are the filling bowls of millet porridge (xiao mi zhou), which are served up for free. There’s no English spoken but  see our Beijing Menu for guidance.

50 Meishuguan Houjie

Nearest subway station:
Dongsi (750m) or, when it opens, Chinese Museum of Art (400m)

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At A Glance

50 Meishuguan Houjie
dumplings per liang ¥4-6; other dishes ¥5-20; beer ¥4

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