Zoo Montana

Lions, wolves and a Super Bowl-predicting grizzly bear

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On 70 acres on Billings’ far western fringe is Montana’s only zoo. It features some of the animals you’d expect from a zoo in the Northern Rockies – grizzly bears, gray wolves and bighorn sheep – but it’s also a snapshot of the world.

An Amur tiger and red panda from Asia are in outdoor settings along with other animals native to landscapes north of the 45th Parallel. Nearly every continent is represented in the indoor Discovery Area.

Ozzy the Grizzly Bear is perhaps best known for his Super Bowl predictions, made by choosing between two cakes with each team’s name in frosting. Ozzy picked New England in 2015 and Baltimore in 2013, but misfired on Denver in 2014. Now that his pen is equipped with a “bear cam”, hundreds witnessed Ozzy’s forecast of a Broncos victory in 2016. Ozzy’s early years were spent in Yellowstone National Park, but after becoming habituated to food provided by careless campers, park officials were forced to move him to Zoo Montana.

At A Glance

2100 S Shiloh Rd.
Billings 59106

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