York Minster Undercroft

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(The undercroft is the Section 6 (the final section) of the York Minster Itinerary. It contains audiovisual displays about the minster and its history. It will round off your visit, though you might wish to begin your visit here instead to get the bigger picture. It’s your choice!)

Entrance to the Undercroft is via the vault in the south choir aisle, near the font.

The Undercroft below the Minster contains the oldest building remains on the site, including evidence of the original Roman fortress and Norman era finds.
Much was uncovered only in the 1960s, when urgent repairs to the foundations of the building were needed. (The large Roman pillar found down here is now exhibited outdoors, near the minster gates on the north east side.) It was on this site that the Roman camp in York was built.

The Undercroft now houses an audiovisual visitor display, setting out the history of the Minster, and a large exhibition showing the vast five-year restoration work which ended in 2016. is also used to display silver objects from the minster’s treasury. The three 12th century statues on display came from the niches outside the west door, brought indoors in the 1970s to protect them from further weathering.

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