York Dungeon

Violent history as entertainment

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York branch of an international entertainment chain whose “dungeons” portray history as a series of horrific,  cruel, violent and frightening events.

Specialises in the sensationalist portrayals or re-enactments as live shows of real or imagined scenes with a good helping of gore: “70 minutes of York’s history brought to life.” Features actors who jump out and try and frighten you.

Highlights of the York version include the burning of Cliffords Tower, Guy Fawkes an the gunpowder plot, ghosts, gladiators, a court with capital punishment, prison, Vikings and witch burnings.

Bills itself as a great day out for all the family. Not suitable for younger children.
Not for everyone. You pays your money …

Tip Reduced ticket prices available via online booking

TIME Allow around an hour

NEARBY Jorvik, Cliffords Tower, Castle Museum, Fairfax House

At A Glance

12 Clifford Street


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