Yavapai Geology Museum

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Get the facts—why, what, where, and how the Grand Canyon came to be so grand. 3D displays explain the colorful layer by layer formations of the canyon and how the cosmic sculptor chiseled the masterpiece over 2 billion years. Buy books, join a ranger program, and gaze at nature’s grand work of art. And don’t miss the sunsets that light up the eastern view of the canyon. Drive your car, take the shuttle, or follow the paved rim trail 1.75 miles east of El Tovar. Bathrooms and water available.

Yavapai Point – Rim Trail East
Greet the morning or enjoy a stunning sunset at one of the premier viewpoints. With an east-west orientation and a canyon-wide panorama, the morning and evening sun paints the formations with brilliant, ever-changing hues. After a rain or snow,or with the summer monsoon cloudscape, the canyon comes alive alive with rainbows, virga, and dramatic shifting shadows.

Trail of Time
The 1.3-mile Trail of Time leads from Yavapai Point to Vercamps Visitor
Center in the South Rim Village and illustrates the billion-year geological
history of the the canyon. Rocks
from each strata and exhibits beside the trail explain how each strata was
formed. Each meter (3-feet) of the trail represents a million years. Pick up an
illustrated walking guide at either end of the trail.

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