Yang Fang lamb hotpot

Northern Chinese fondue

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There are two main types of hotpot in China: the ridiculously spicy one that comes from the fire-breathing southwestern city of Chongqing, and the milder version which is cooked in an unusual conical brass pot and which originally hails from Mongolia, but has been adopted as a Beijing speciality.

Yang Fang’s is a salt-of-the-earth version of the latter, and is a real favourite with the locals round here.

First order the broth you want in your pot – clear, or spicy. Then choose your dipping sauce before finally selecting the raw ingredients you want to cook.

After that it’s just like eating a European fondue, only with less cheese and more lamb.


270 Gulou Dongdajie

Nearest subway:
Gulou Dajie (1.5km)


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At A Glance

270 Gulou Dongdajie
Hotpot broth ¥6-10, dips ¥2-4, raw ingredients ¥5-20, beer ¥4

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