Xiong Di Sichuan restaurant

Prepare for some spice!

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As with all the branches of the clean, reliable chain restaurant Xiong Di, this one serves up specialities from Sichuan, a province in southwest China famous for its spicy food.

Sure enough, many of the dishes here will leave your nose running, but there are enough mild options to make this a safe(ish) choice for those who can’t handle their chillies.

There’s an easy-to-order photo menu with fairly comprehensive English translations. Dishes to look out for include: kung pao chicken (spicy chicken with peanuts), bian dry beans (spicy dry-fried runner beans) and scalding mustard greens in soy sauce.

If you’re with friends, consider ordering the delicious shui zhu yu, a large and very spicy fish dish ordered by the jin (500g). A three-jin fish (san jin) is enough for four or five people if you order some other side dishes and rice. shui zhu yu is one of the few dishes on the menu not translated into English. Look instead for the photo of the fish pieces floating in a sea of red chillies.

This restaurant is well located for diving into the bar area near the Drum and Bell Towers. Ones to try include If Bar, Ball House and, for fabulous real ale, Great Leap Brewing.

121 Gulou Dongdajie

Nearest subway:
Gulou Dajie (2km)

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At A Glance

121 Gulou Dongdajie
Mains ¥20-40; shui zhu yu ¥30-98 per jin; beer ¥6

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