Wynyard Quarter

Squid rings, beer and sandpits in Auckland’s latest waterfront reboot

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Aucklanders have long been shut out from their harbour but
shipping activities which were considered incompatible with recreation, but times
change and as successive blocks of wharf get redeveloped the city is getting
its waterfront back. The latest urban updateis Wynyard
, a chunk of reclaimed land where a few fishing boats still tie up,
the vehicle ferry to Waiheke Island still loads and old industrial
buildings have been repurposed. It makes a refreshing change from the somewhat sterile
yacht harbours next door.  
On  sunny day
Aucklanders flock here. They come to let the kids loose in the extensive
playground areas, take in one of the events – outdoor movie nights, food truck
markets, gigs – at the Silo Park section, or simply grab some squid rings and a beer from one of the dockside

At A Glance

Jellicoe St
Auckland Auckland 1010

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