Wyandotte Caves

Two Limestone Beauties Offer Both Easy and Rugged Cave Adventures

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Enjoy one of two tours through the recently reopened Wyandotte Caves in Leavenworth, a river town on the Ohio River.

The Little Wyandotte Tour s the shortest and easiest trip available. This smaller cave, totally separated from Big Wyandotte Cave, offers a comprehensive view of many flowstone and dripstone formations. Sometimes cave dwelling species can be seen as well. The lack of any long stairways inside the cave makes this 30 – 45 minute trip ideal for visitors of all ages.

Big Wyandotte Tour (Monument Mountain Tour) is considered to be Rugged and is a tw0-hour, 1.5 mile headlamp/helmet trip through the deeper sections of Big Wyandotte Cave. Those taking the trip through the huge underground “Monument Mountain” will see rare formations called helicities, plus gypsum, epsomite and prehistoric flint quarries add variety. People who sign up for this tour must be in good physical health and must be able to navigate steep terrain and many stairs. This trip is rewarding for visitors with the time and energy to see these unique cave features.

Located with the 26,000-acre Harrison Crawford State Forest, there are hiking trails to enjoy above ground level as well.

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7315 S. Wyandotte Cave Road
Leavenworth 47137
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