World’s Largest Toy Museum

All crammed in like someone's forgotten attic

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If you played with it, you can probably find it at the World’s Largest Toy Museum. Its two buildings are a jumble of almost 2 million toys from the 1800s to more recent pop culture, including model cars, pedal cars, model airplanes, train sets, tin toys, pull toys, dolls, action figures, board games, Pez dispensers, kaleidoscopes, Lincoln Logs, Star Wars figurines and much, much more. For older visitors, it’s a great place to reminisce about childhood; for youngsters it’s a chance to see how kids amused themselves before video games.

Highlights include a collection of more than 4,000, from Barbies and Raggedy Anns to troll dolls, Kewpies and Cabbage Patch babies; the Roy Rogers Western Collection, the National BB Gun Museum; and a room with a running model train track and diorama. There’s also a section dedicated to Harold Bell Wright, who wrote The Shepherd of the Hills, a 1907 novel that introduced the Ozarks to the world. Along with a film about his life and his personal items, there’s the original handwritten manuscript of his book.

At A Glance

3609 W. Highway 76
$18.92 adults, $14.45 children
Mon-Sat, 9-8 in summer, 9-6 in winter

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