Wisconsin Deer Park

An enDEERing place

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Wisconsin Deer Park looks rather small and unimpressive from the street. But it’s actually pretty cool. More than 100 tame, white-tailed deer live on the 40-acre property. And the deer love nonchalantly strolling around, seeing if you will feed them. Do not feed the deer any food you bring from home. That is unhealthy for the deer. Instead, you can purchase specially-made crackers or more traditional kibble-type feed to offer them. The deer food costs just a buck or two. (That is a lame joke, I know.)

In addition to the deer, make sure to visit the various other caged or fenced animals at Wisconsin Deer Park. You will find emus, horses, goats, lemus and a variety of deer species from other countries in the park. You don’t have to worry about ticks. Wisconsin Deer Park keeps its grass very short, so ticks aren’t a problem.

Wisconsin Deer Park also contains a spacious gift shop.

Most guests arrive late morning or early afternoon. If you come at these times, the park will be more crowded, it’s true. But the bonus is that the deer are more active. The deer rest a lot during the day. However, when the park is full of visitors, the deer walk around nosing for food.

Wisconsin Deer Park is one of the older attractions in Wisconsin Dells. The founders opened the park more than 50 years ago. The park is handicapped-accessible.

At A Glance

583 Wisconsin Dells Parkway
Wisconsin Dells 53965
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