Winery Kos

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The Kos (Blackbird in Croatian) family have been at the helm of this winery for nearly 150 years. The vineyards are spread across almost five hectares and there’s a drop for everyone.

From Champagne to local favourite Grasevina, family Kos will greet you like a long-lost relative, entertaining guests in their tasting room with cured meats, cheeses and home-made breads.

When here give the Kraljevina a try. This dry white wine is sourish, yet has a slight sweetness. Leave room for the local Kerner, a dry to semi-dry wine grown in the Zelina vineyards.

You’ll also find Riesling, Pinot Noir and Chardonnay.

At A Glance

Stjepana Domjanica 8
Donja Zelina 10382


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