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Southern Burgundy wine may be less famous than its Northern Burgundy brother, nevertheless the wine is excellent. Anyway being less famous, means you won’t pay through the nose to drink a good bottle. You’ll spend about €7-10 to be happy, €15-20 to be more than happy and €25+ to be ecstatic.

Wine in France can be a bit confusing so here are some tips for your travels in Southern Burgundy.

  • There are two wine growing areas – Côte Chalonnaise and Mâconnais. The Côte de Beaune wine growing area stretches into the very top of Southern Burgundy.
  • What is important in Southern Burgundy, is where the grapes are grown and how they are classified. The most popular classifications are Premier Cru and Village. Premier Cru is better than Village. The best classification in Burgundy is Grand Cru.
  • You’ll find four wine varieties: Red (Bourgogne Rouge) White (Bourgogne Blanc and Bourgogne Aligoté), Rosé and Sparkling wine (Crémant).
  • If you would like to do some wine tasting look for ‘Dégustation.’ It means wine tasting in French.
  • You can taste wine at wineries, referred to as Domaines in Southern Burgundy or at Caves, stores that specialize in wine.

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