Willowdale State Forest

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Closely linked with Bradley Palmer State Park, WSF is one of the most popular riding areas on the north shore. Full of trails to suit all abilities, along with copious nature viewing opportunities, this park really requires a map to best enjoy it.  These can be accessed online, or picked up at BPSP HQ across Topsfield Rd.

Lots of numbered posts at every intersection mean it’s hard to get too lost with a map, and easy to pinpoint quite quickly where you are.

This is the sort of park where there are wider, major trails, that most anyone can ride, and tighter, more technical trails leading off these main thoroughfares.

What can I say? It’s a great place to spend an afternoon. Also the course of the Weeping Willow EFTA race once a year. And a direct link between BPSP and Georgetown Rowley State Forest.

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