William Tell Express

Central Switzerland to the Sunny South

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This is one of Switzerland’s best journeys, with some iconic scenery on offer and two of the country’s niftiest modes of transport: the historic paddle steamer and the panoramic train.

From Lucerne, you’ll take a 2½-hour boat trip across Lake Lucerne (three-course meal available in the dining room) to the town of Flüelen, which is situated on Lake Uri.

A very quick walk (less than one minute) later, you’ll be at the train station and ready to board the fantastic panoramic train, which winds its way through the Reuss Valley and then along the Gotthard line before hitting the sunny Italian-speaking canton of Ticino (where you can disembark at Bellinzona, Lugano or Locarno). Count on taking around five and a bit hours for the 182km trip.

At A Glance

Lucerne Bahnhofquai
Lucerne Lucerne
41 900 300 300
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