William J. Walter Saucissier

Hot Dog!

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William J. Walter Saucissier, yes, a store devoted to the sausage – there are two dozen locations in the province –€” offers 50 varieties in all.

The usual knackwurst, bratwurst and even weisswurst, yes, but also maple and bacon; lime and coriander; and orange and ginger flavors, too.

While it’s not the kind of souvenir you can tote around town in your backpack, they also serve lunch most of the day: gourmet hot dogs served with excellent house sauerkraut on fresh baguette. Wash it down with a Marco-brand spruce beer.

There’s a little park just across the street where you can eat your tasty treat.

METRO: Mont-Royal (Orange Line).

Written by Steve Howell

At A Glance

1957 Ave. du Mont Royal Ave. Est.
Saucisse sandwiches about $5.

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