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If you leave the Parliament exhibition and take the corridor directly opposite the Place du Luxembourg, you’ll find yourself on rue Wiertz, where the museum is located. Antoine Wiertz is celebrated in this little-known museum. Belgian Wiertz had the passion of a true Romantic and modelled his style on the Italian greats. Huge, frightening canvasses and sculptures await to delight and confuse you.

The lightly sanitized histories you’ll see on various sites don’t really tell the whole story. They may tell you that the museum/gallery was agreed with the Belgian government, which is partly true. The fact is that Wiertz, like many artists, had little in the way of  cash and went cap-in-hand tot he government, promising them his entire oeuvre if they would fund him until he died. When they agreed, they didn’t realize just how prolific he was and found themselves stuck with a lot of paintings and a studio. The rest, as they say, is history.

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Rue Vautier 62
Brussels 1050
0032 2 648 17 18

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