Whitehaven Beach

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Whitehaven Beach is somewhat of a media tart that hogs the tourism spotlight. With regular red carpet appearances on ‘Best Beaches’ lists worldwide, the Whitsunday Islands’ poster child is famous Whitehaven Beach. This famous icon is located on the National Park island called Whitsunday Island.

Surely the most photographed beach in Australia, Whitehaven doesn’t disappoint once you experience the powder soft sand oozing up between your toes. There’s a good reason why every photo you’ve ever seen of Whitehaven Beach looks the same. You know, all white sand and turquoise sea. It’s because that’s exactly how it looks. Even on a bad day, Whitehaven is gorgeous.

Campers can bed down at the southern end of the beach, concealed by lowland vine forest and eucalypt woodland. Picnic tables and toilets are provided to accommodate seven campsites for up to 36 people. Book your camping permit early, as this is a popular hideaway. Don’t expect to have the beach to yourself after dark though. It’s also a popular overnight anchorage for vessels of all sizes.

Hill Inlet at the northern end of the beach is a remarkable maze of dazzling sandbars broken up with sparkling azure tidal pools. Take the walk from unimaginatively named Lookout Beach, up to the viewing platform to take your own photo of this Whitsunday icon. Shallow draft vessels and dinghies can penetrate the inlet at high tide.


Whitehaven Beach is in a (Green) Marine National Park Zone which means no fishing is allowed. Check with GBRMPA for full details.


  • swim
  • beachwalk
  • relax
  • camp

Getting there:
Sea – by boat from Hamilton Island or Airlie Beach
Aircharter a seaplane or helicopter

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Open all year round

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