White Ibis in Everglades National Park

A truly beautiful bird

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With its long, down-curved, bright red bill and long red legs and all-white body, the American white ibis is a striking bird, a study in color contrasts.

Juveniles, however, are mostly brown with duller legs and bill.

An adult white ibis grows to 26 inches high. It is found in ENP marshy wetlands and on the edges of shallow pools.

Look for white ibis in Shark Valley, in shallow wetlands off the Main Park Road in Homestead and, of course, on the Anhinga Trail.

The white ibis feeds by probing underwater with its beak, searching for fish, frogs and other water creatures. Around the visitor centers, the white ibis also likes to probe manicured lawns for insects.

The white ibis nests in colonies with other wading birds, including herons and roseate spoonbills, such as Paurotis Pond.

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