The shortest street in York – with the longest name

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What this street lacks in distance (80 metres) it makes up for in name length.

The -gate part will be pretty familiar after a short time in York, as a word of Viking origin meaning “street” but the rest? There are several opinions ….

The plaque on the wall makes it open-and-shut, as What a street!

But a second view refers to a nearby whipping post for petty criminals in medieval times.

Another explanation refers to a custom, whereby one day a year, dogs were whipped.

A fourth interpretation points to a dialect version of Neither one thing nor another.

Each version as (im)plausible the another. So take your pick!

TIME A few minutes

NEARBY Shambles, Fossgate, Barnitts, Margaret Clitherow Shrine, Market, Henshelwood’s deli, DIG

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