Wheels Through Time

A Motorcycling Mecca

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No one expects to find so many vintage motorcycles housed under one roof. Curator/owner/collector and museum founder Dale Walksler, who is the heart and soul of Wheels Through Time, has more than 350 classic motorcycles and rare machines. And Walksler is quick to point out that he has made sure that all of them are in running order. Walksler recently guided a tour and kickstarted the 1903 Indian motorcycle that is part of the collection.

His Wheels Through Time is All-American, with no imports allowed. He also has a fair number of vintage cars, like a 1962 Corvette and other “one-off” American automobiles.

But it’s not just the machines themselves. Walksler’€s collection also includes countless motorcycle pictures, memorabilia and more.You can almost smell the gas and leather as you roam around the warehouse.

Even if you are not a motorcyclist, it makes you want to be one. If you ever had a penchant for motorcycles, are simply traveling with someone who does, or just want a really interesting experience, Wheels Through Time is a must-stop, but not during the winter months when it is closed. But spring, summer and fall, when the museum is open it’s well worth a stop, and easy to reach, since it is located just five miles off the Blue Ridge Parkway in Maggie Valley.

At A Glance

62 Vintage Lane in Maggie Valley
$12; Seniors (65 and up):$10; Children $6

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