WheatFields Bakery Cafe

Fresh bread and pastries are only the beginning of great tastes here

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There’s nothing like the aroma of fresh bread and sight of golden loaves filling shelves near the entrance of WheatFields Bakery Café. Since its inception, WheatFields has insisted on hand-crafting it products using top quality ingredients, and coupled with slow fermentation and wood-fired baking in a Spanish oven. Some loaves even feature flour milled from heirloom wheat. Located off Lawrence’s main drag, this cozy Vermont Street bakery offers everything from baguettes and ciabatta bread to Kalamata Olive and Pecan Raisin loaves. Hand-formed and hearth-baked bagels are also available. You can also order breakfast, Monday through Friday, or lunch daily. Breakfast tacos and frittata sandwiches are several morning options; at lunch try a vegetarian Reuben sandwich, a classic Croque Monsieur or a spicy tuna melt with jalapeno cream cheese.

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904 Vermont St.
Lawrence 66044

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