Westminster Abbey

The Royals' home church

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If you came to London and only visited Westminster Abbey, you’d leave with a pretty good sense of British history. It’s hard to appreciate this space spiritually due to the throngs of people exclaiming over famous tombs. But close out the surrounding noise, imagine royal pageantry, and you will conjure the mystique of this stunning church.

All but two English coronations have taken place here since 1066. The Abbey is a popular venue for royal weddings. Recent heavy hitters were Prince William and Catherine Middleton in 2011.

Poets’ Corner is a shrine for literature lovers because so many British greats are either buried or commemorated here. Geoffrey Chaucer started the trend but he was buried here because of his service to the palace of Westminster rather than literary achievements. Don’t miss Henry VII’s Lady’s Chapel, the most glorious spot in the abbey.

At A Glance

20 Deans Yard
London SW1P 3PA
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