The Westin Resort Spa Whistler

Heavenly Mountain Resort

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Westin prides itself on all its ‘heavenly’ features and the Whistler Westin Resort Spa hostel can add contemporary alpine chic to its descriptors.  A dramatic two-story lobby, a large restaurant with open kitchen and such expansive windows, the place feels ginormous and simply buzzes with a happening vibe. If you’re a skier, then a big plus is that the hotel is right behind Whistler Village Gondola – a 30 second walk from front door.

Like all big chain breeds, my advice is to connect with the hotel directly rather than with central reservations. You’re more likely to get real-time availability (and perhaps better rates) and the kind of service that lives up to its 5-star billing.

The 25-room Avello Spa & Health Club is a destination unto itself.





At A Glance

4090 Whistler Way
Whistler BC V0N 1B4


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