West Hill Shop

The Archetypal "Shed In The Woods"

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Along with its legendary southern neighbor Harris Cyclery, this shop is worth visiting just because of the effect it has had on cycling history.

Here’s just a few things it is known for:

  • Founded in 1971a as Snail Cycles in a garage. Moved to West Hill in Putney and changed its name.
  • Don Cuerdon worked there as a mechanic, then went on to write as “Captain Dondo” for Mountain Bike magazine for years.
  • Jim Langley was a mechanic at the shop, too. And Bicycling Magazine’s Tech Editor from 1989-1999.
  • Velo News (now Velo) magazine got its start at this shop in 1972.
  • Didn’t have a toilet until a 2005 expansion! Was heated by a woodstove.

For as ‘far away’ as it seems, the shop is not that hard to visit, being quite close to Rt. 91. If one was to visit nearby Mt. Snow for some lift-accessed riding, a visit to the shop would be quite easy.

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49 Brickyard Lane

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