Wellfleet Harbor Actor’s Theater

WHAT? Yea, w.h.a.t... and while we're at it, who's on third?

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WHAT is it? The adjectives fly from anyone you ask, but they boil down to provocative, edgy, adventurous, and dependably high caliber. Since 1985, WHAT (Wellfleet Harbor Actors Theater) has mounted an impressive mixture of new, experimental, and established works.

From its humble stagings at the Catholic Church in Wellfleet, to a seriously rehabbed building that became the Harbor Stage (15 Kendrick Ave.), to its fabu state-of-the-art, 200-seat theater featuring the Julie Harris stage (2357 Route 6)…. WHAT keeps things interesting and entertaining,  that’s for sure.

Come for the impeccably produced plays, fabulous kids’ shows, films, and forums — and see what adjectives you come up with.

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2357 Route 6
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