Wellfleet Drive-In

A rare breed with an infusion of nostalgia

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Drive-in theaters are buggy, have expensive food packed with fat and sugar, long bathroom lines, and someone’s always shining their headlights at the wrong time.

They also mainline right into the nostalgia center of your cerebral cortex and charm you with that sum-sum-summertime glow you remember from when times were simpler, albeit equally buggy and fabulously sugar-smackin’.

As long as you bring the bug juice and time your concession-stand runs right, the rest is easily forgiven as you settle into your bucket seats or lawn chairs and take in the double feature. Wellfleet’s Drive-In survives and thrives.

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At A Glance

51 Route 6
Films shown at dusk; box office opens at 7. Early May to early Sept.

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