Wellfleet Bay Wildlife Sanctuary

Trails, quietude, vistas and nature

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The visitor center alone at Wellfleet Bay Wildlife Sanctuary is worth the drive through the piney woods. Bird feeders outside huge windows attract some of the 260 species of feathered friends that visit the 1,100-acre sanctuary. Displays cover life in woodland, tidal flats, marshes, ponds, and ocean, including two 700-gallon aquariums.

Venture out along the trails and you traverse every one of those ecosystems, including a boardwalk across a tidal flat, sending fiddler crabs scurrying, ending up at a beach.

The programs, camps, and field trips are some of the best on the Cape, accompanied by a naturalist (often bearing a spotting scope as big as a bazooka), who will fill you with wonder at what you are seeing. It’s enough to make a person spend a week in Wellfleet.

At A Glance

291 Route 6
Special programs are quite varied; prices vary accordingly; are all worthy.

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