Wat Saket

Temple of the Golden Mount

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Even those who don’t hike up the Golden Mount will see it if they spent any time in Banglampoo. There are no buildings nearby that approach its height, and at night when the lights are lit the chedi gleams and glows like a landed UFO.

Chulalongkorn had this chedi built to house a relic of Buddha. The grounds around it are thick with tropical trees and the twisting, turning path up the hill is a big part of the charm of a visit here.

For Buddhists there are many opportunities to make merit, like ringing the bells that line the paths up and down the hill. There is a 10 baht entry at the front door and visitors must remove their shoes. It’s important to be quiet and respect the fact that most of the people who come here do so to offer devotions.

Another opportunity to make merit is to leave a donation in the red box at the bottom of the stairs that lead to the roof. Once you have returned to the grounds below, there are stalls with snacks and refreshing beverages like roselle water and chrysanthemum water.

Canalboat (Sansab): Phanfa Bridge
Hours: 9am-5pm

At A Glance

1344 Boriphat Road at Ratchadamnoen Nok Road
02 621 2280

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