Wat Pan Tao

Delightful mosaic of peacock over entrance

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This glorious teak building once functioned as a royal hall in the days when Chao Mahawong was the local ruler (1846-54), but was converted into a viharn for worship in 1870. The most striking aspect of the temple is the beautifully detailed mosaic of a peacock on the gable over the main door, which sparkles when caught by the sun’s rays in the morning.

The temple was once a part of neighbouring Wat Chedi Luang, and its name, Pan Tao, refers to the furnaces that were used to make the Buddha images for that temple. Recent additions to the temple include a stupa behind the main viharn and an ornamental gate in the front wall.

At A Glance

Phrapokklao Road
Chiang Mai Chiang Mai 50100

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