Walhalla Overlook and Ruins

If walls could talk

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Near the end of the Cape Royal “sky island” peninsula which juts out over the canyon, the view from Walhalla Overlook encompasses the Unkar Delta of the Colorado River to the southeast and the Walhalla Plateau to the northwest. Paleo-Indians lived in both areas from the hunter and gather period 10,000 years ago to the period of farming, basket weaving, and pottery making 1,000 years ago. Archeologists have excavated a 30 room pueblo on the Unkar Delta and have unearthed a 6-room pueblo in the Walhalla Glades near the overlook. From 1050 to 1150 AD, people farmed the delta, rim, and plateaus for corn, squash, beans. Catch the ranger program “Into the Past” to learn more about the first humans to gaze in wonder at the canyon. A short path leads to the ruins, foundation stones of the ancient stone houses.

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May 15–Oct. 15

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