Wahoo Fire + Ice Grill

Voted #1 in Manhattan for family friendly 'eats' Wahoo's serves a dish for every taste.

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From the moment that its eye-catching illuminated sign comes into view, Wahoo Fire + Ice Grill promises a dynamic dining experience.  Enter these bright, contemporary surroundings, where faux fish sit atop a glowing blue bar top, and let the tasting begin. There’s definitely a Pacific Rim bent to many menu items but on the other hand, Wahoo’s chili was also ranked best in ‘Aggieville’ – a popular nickname for Manhattan – during 2014. Crab rangoon dip, Mojave desert shrimp and chicken satay are several tasty and well-priced appetizers, while several of the burgers reflect Hawaiian, Kansas and surf-and-turf flavor profiles. There’s a spicy Korean barbecue pizza on the menu and a Jamaican jerk sirloin too – all for less than $20. These are pretty plates, as well as tasty.

At A Glance

1101 Moro St.
Manhattan 66502

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