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For a perfect example of the sort of bizarre kitsch which Dubai does so well, head to the wacky Egyptian-themed Wafi leisure complex, complete with giant statues of assorted pharaohs, plus copious quantities of obelisks, pillars, pyramids, and heiroglyphs galore. The whole thing looks like it’s been airlifted straight out of Vegas (or perhaps the pages of Asterix), while the Egyptian theme is continued next door in the opulent new Raffles hotel – the biggest pyramid of them all.

Décor apart, Wafi remains one of the city’s nicest places to shop and sup, with an excellent spread of shops, restaurants, cafes and bars – as well as the superb Arabian-style Khan Murjan Souk next door. The front section of the complex is devoted to the Wafi mall, with a laidback, rather upmarket atmosphere and a good spread of shops and cafes. To the rear is the Pyramids section (its entrance guarded by a pair of giant pharoahs) which is where you’ll find all the complex’s restaurants and bars, as well as the attractive Cleopatra’s Spa.

At A Glance

Oud Metha (Dubai Healthcare metro)
04 324 4555
Shops open daily 10am-10pm (Thurs & Fri until midnight)

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