Vivi The Coffee Place

Cappuccinos on the river

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If you’ve just toured the Grand Palace and need a little pick me up, not to mention some time away from the crowds, head over to Vivi The Coffee Place down a quiet soi nearby, for a spot of tea or a blended frozen cappuccino and a light snack, or a scoop of mango ice cream.

Their terrace is the perfect place to watch the world float by on the Chao Phraya River and take in the stunning view of Wat Arun. This cafe is operated by Aurum The River Place Boutique Hotel next door, so you might just end up chatting with some of their guests.

River Boat Taxi: Tatien Pier

Hours: 10 am-8 pm daily

At A Glance

394/29 Soi Pansuk off Maharat Rd
02 226 4672
10 am-8 pm daily

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