Violet Hour

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“The hour of hush and wonder.”
If Alice found a speakeasy in Wonderland, it may look something like The Violet Hour. Lavender curtains drape around extravagantly tall chairs, allowing you to slink into your seat and slowly sip a carefully crafted cocktail*. If you arrive during peak hours (usually 9-11 pm) be prepared to wait in line–everyone has a seat in the place, no standing room, no shouting, no cellphones. It does take more time than normal for the bartender to make the drinks, so your wait may be longer than you’re used to, but trust me, it’s worth it. Drink slow and savor. 

*You can stray away from the menu and kindly ask the bartender to make you a special concoction.

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At A Glance

1520 N Damen Ave
Chicago 60622
Sun-F 6pm-2am; Sat 6pm-3am

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