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An old Croatian granny?

Vincek is a treat for those with a sweet tooth and is like an old granny serving the biggest array of Croatian sweets in the city.

You’ll find confections of butter cream swirls, peanut caramels, triangular-shaped jam and chocolate rolls dusted with icing sugar. For a traditional treat try the Magarica – a multi-layered chocolate cake or the Zagreb cream cake oozing with hand-whipped cream. There are also gluten-free sweets.

You can indulge in creamy hand-made ice creams in flavors like chestnut and cinnamon and berry sorbets with fruit pieces.

Although the ambiance in the seating area can get quite loud (Croatians love their sweets) you can get a take away box to enjoy later.

At A Glance

Ilica 18
Zagreb 10000
385 1 4833 612


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