Local favorite for scrumptious salads and sandwiches

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Vinaigrette serves crisp, complex salads, sandwiches, and soups that can be enjoyed over a lunch hour or evening date. The modern, cheery ambiance is as refreshing as the food. These salads are hardly iceberg-lettuce-and-Ranch-dressing combos. Instead, they are rich in ingredients and vibrant combinations that can be topped with the protein of your choice, such as steak, marinated duck breast, savory tofu, or fried goat cheese balls. The ingredients are conscientious, too. Owner Erin Wade supplies much of the restaurant’s produce from her 10-acre farm in Nambé (outside Santa Fe)—in peak season, about 70 percent. The Erin’s Mac and Cheese is as good as any you’ll taste, as is the carrot cake. (It’s still healthy, right? Because of the vegetables?)

At A Glance

709 Don Cubero Alley
Santa Fe 87505
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