Via San Gregorio Armeno

Naples answer to the Bavarian Christmas market.

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Picture the classic Bavarian Christmas market in your mind, then throw that image away. Naples Christmas market is nothing like you’ve ever experienced before. You won’t find any wooden stands, quaint ornaments, simmering sausages or gluhwein, but, you will find a quintessentially Baroque take on Christmas. The sacred and profane, finely crafted products and plenty of Christmas kitsch and everything you need to create or update your Christmas nativity, the Neapolitan presepe.

While most of the items on display outside of the shops are mass produced kitsch, venture inside to find the high quality pieces produced by the Neapolitan artisans who have passed this centuries old tradition down from one generation to the next: shops like Ferrigno, Fratelli Capuano and Di Virgilio. You’ll find traditional crafts like the Pulcinella and the Neapolitan Tambourine too.

Set along a very narrow alley, Via San Gregorio Armeno is the most magical during the holiday season but expect crushing, and we do mean shoulder to shoulder crowds from December 8th through January 6th.

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Via San Gregorio Armeno

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