Via Julia Augusta

Provence's own Roman Road

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The via Julia Augusta is part of the Aurelian Way which extended from Rome to Narbonne in the Languedoc-Roussillon.

Constructed on the orders of the great emperor Augustus between 12 and 13BC,  its importance was immense. Above all, it enabled the Romans to move troops and merchandise from Rome to the far reaches of the Empire.

Piacenza to Nice

Starting near Piacenza in Italy, it continued east to Ventimiglia and Roquebrune-Cap-Martin in France via the great Trophy of the Alpes at La Turbie finishing near Cimiez above modern day Nice.

Check out Hanbury

Still visible in places such as the Hanbury Gardens at La Mortola in Italy, it has largely disappeared nowadays. Even so, you can visit nine sites, including Hanbury and those mentioned above, which the road connected in antiquity.

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