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Cheap, safe, eco-friendly, fun and healthy

How often can that be said about a transport system?

The Vélo Bleu or Blue Bike is available in Nice, Cagnes-sur-Mer and St-Laurent-du-Var at any of the 175 strategically placed stations. There are 1750 bikes available, 365 days of the year, 24 hours per day so, if you are fit enough to ride a bike, there is no excuse for using the car!

The downside? Well, you have to sign up and pay, although your first 30 minutes are free of charge! However, it can all be done quite painlessly by mobile phone or by going to the Vélo Bleu website.

How to sign up

Basically there are two choices. If you want to use the vélos for one month or one year then you can pay by internet, post or by phone (0)4 30 00 30 01 if beside a Vélo Bleu station. If you only need one day or one week then pay either by internet or phone.

For further information check out the Vélo Bleu website.

Happy bicycling!

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Nice 06000
33(0)4 93 72 06 06

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