Veliki Tabor Castle

And the legend of Veronica of Desinic

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Perched on a forested ridge, Veliki Tabor seems to be the poor cousin to Trakoscan but don’t let that fool you. Veliki Tabor a great place to visit in its own right.

Built in the early 16th century to help fight the Ottoman threat, the castle has been restored and features a museum with items found during the restoration and furniture.

Film Festival

Veliki Tabor is famous for hosting the Tabor Film Festival in early July showing independent short films in various spaces throughout the castle.

When visiting you’ll definitely hear the tale of Veronica of Desinic. The short story goes Veronica fell in love with a young nobleman who proposed marriage and Veronica accepted. Not happy with his son’s choice, the father had Veronica executed as a witch and her body (according to legend) bricked up in the walls of Veliki Tabor.

In a tribute to Veronica, prize-winning films at the Tabor Film Festival receive an award known as Veronica’s Skull.

For a bite to eat, try Gresna Gorica which offers outdoor dining with views of the region and Veliki Tabor. Follow the marked two kilometre walking trail from the castle to the restaurant. You can also drive.

At A Glance

Košnicki Hum 1
Desinic 49216
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