Veli Losinj

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At the foot of Saint John’s Mountain, little Veli Losinj lies in a narrow sheltered bay on the south-east side of Losinj island.

This is one of the most scenic towns on the whole Adriatic with the tiny harbour lined with bright and pastel-coloured terraces alongside villas once owned by sea captains and noble families. Not to mention, the narrow cobblestone streets winding their way through all this picturesque architecture.

Constructed in the 15th century to help defend the town from pirate attacks, the Venetian Round Tower houses the Town Museum which focuses on the maritime history of the town. Climb to the top for 360-degree views of the town below and Adriatic.

With the money coming in from noble families and sea captains, Veli Losinj has numerous churches that were decked out by these generous folks. In the harbour, look out for the lolly-pink Church of St. Anthony the Hermit built in 1450 with the richest collection of work by Italian masters including Vivarini and Strozzi. Worthwhile is the church of Our Lady of the Angels with the art collection by Venetian masters including one work which is attributed to Titian.

The Church of St John the Baptist lies on St John’s mountain above Veli Losinj. Not far from the church are ruins of a stone house, Hramina, the oldest structure in town.

Most of the villas have large gardens filled with exotic plants that the adventurous seafarers brought back to the island. In Veli Losinj Park you’ll find about 200 species of exotic plant life.

Follow the coastal path to the south-east of town to get to the small fishing port of Rovenska with its superb beach and picture-perfect fishing village vibe.

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Veli Lošinj
Veli Lošinj

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