Varsity Drive-In

What'll ya have?"

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The Varsity is as much of a cultural experience as it is a place to eat. It first opened in 1928 and claims the distinction of being the world’ s largest drive-in. The Varsity’s menu is simple and every day, this single restaurant serves up to two miles of hot dogs, a ton of onion rings, and 5,000 fried apple or peach pies. Back before the fountains were installed for soft drinks, there was a Coca-cola truck driver whose sole job was replenishing supplies.

“What’ll ya have? Wha’ll ya have? ” is the catch phrase of the car hops or the folks at the counter.  The pace inside can be hectic. The slogan here is “Have your money in your hand and your order in your mind.” The Varsity does not serve alcohol, and of course the soft drink products are mostly Coke.

A bit of trivia. The Varsity is where the term “Car-Hop” originated. In the early days, order takers would hop on a car’s running board and take the order so that by the time they got to the order area, their food was ready.

At A Glance

61 North Avenue NW
Atlanta GA 30308

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