The first Duchy of France

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Located to the north of Nîmes and not far from the Pont-du-Gard, Uzès is a charming Medieval town which is steeped in history going back to the days of Charlemagne. It was from here of course that the Romans channeled water to Nîmes via the Pont du Gard.

Uzès is in fact a duchy dating from the Middle Ages and later became the most powerful in France. The Ducal Palace can be visited and combines elements of different architectural periods from Romanesque through to the modern era.

Colourful Market

Check out the colourful Saturday Market in the splendid arcaded place aux Herbes where wonderful Provençal produce can be obtained. No doubt the poet and dramatist Jean Racine bought his supplies here when he was exiled by his family to live here under the watchful eye of his uncle the vicar general. He loved the town and the locality which informed his early work.

Dont miss: the Italianate 12th century Tour Fenestrelle or the Cathédrale St-Théodorit. Also check out the 18th century mansions which are scattered round the town.

At A Glance

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