Upper Mesa Falls

Where the Henry's Fork changes character

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The Henry’s Fork River, fabled among fly fishers, is widely known as a placid, relatively flat river. But it’s nothing like that here. At Upper Mesa Falls, gravity sees to it that the river storms, froths, roars, plummets, and splashes 110 feet down off the rim of the Henry’s Fork Caldera, which erupted into existence approximately 1.3 million years ago.

The nearby Big Falls Inn, a gorgeous structure listed on the National Register of Historic Places, through the decades has served as a stage stop and hotel, cafe, saloon, general store, dance hall, Boy Scouts dining hall, and gathering place for the Fremont County, Idaho, police force. Today it’s a visitor center, replete with videos, mounted game trophies, interpretive exhibits, and a sales outlet for books and maps.


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