Ucka Nature Park

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Located about half an hours drive from Rijeka, nature park Ucka covers the eponymous mountain and part of the Cicarija area, located along the northern Adriatic, binding the continental part of Istria to the rest of Croatia.

The park is a perfect place for biking, rock climbing, hiking, free flying, and various sport competitions and races. And you can choose to see it on your own or with a guide and if you want to spend the night, there are cabin accommodation options.

From the highest peak of Mount UckaVojak (1401m), you’ll experience an unsurpassed 360-degree view of the Istrian peninsula, Kvarner islands, mountains of the Gorski Kotar region and even Venice.

Apart from the trail to Vojak there are numerous hiking trails cris-crossing the park that covers 160 square kilometres. These include two educational trails (the Plas that passes over the top ridge of Mount Ucka along with the 2km Vela Draga) and the Slap (waterfall) hiking path.

The park holds rarities such as the Ucka Bellflower and if you’re into bird watching; the ornithological life here includes over 70 nesting birds.

The caves found in the park provide evidence of life in the region dating as far back as 12,000 BC and most of these can be explored.

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