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The village of Ubud is located in Bali’s central highlands, in the region of Gianyar. Known as the cultural and artistic heart of Bali, this colony has continued to flourish with strong support from the Ubud Royal Family, since the early twentieth century.

All forms or art and craft are represented, including painting, sculpture, and dance, while surrounding villages specialise in specific crafts like silverwork, wood carving and stone sculpture.

The lush hillsides that spill into the Campuhan and Ayung Rivers provide the perfect camouflage for some of the island’s most desirable accommodation, while the renowned rice terraces of nearby Tegalalang, reflect the
quintessential image of Bali.

Some of Bali’s most revered Hindu sites are located in the Ubud surrounds including the ancient Goa Gaja (Elephant Cave), Tirta Empul and Gunung Kawi with its towering shrines cut directly into the rock.

The Ayung River is a popular site for white water rafting and the undeniable spirituality of Ubud has seen it become home to several yoga and wellness retreats.

As the popularity and population of the town continues to outgrow its streets, traffic has become more of an issue, yet still the destination still manages to hold on to its magic.

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